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My stock includes cocktail shakers, ice buckets, cocktail glasses, cocktail pitchers, cocktail trays, decanters, openers and all other tools and jewels for your bar cart or home bar. The majority of my inventory is mid-century and art deco, but I have cocktail shakers from the 1890s and Culver glasses from the 1970s. I am particularly drawn to the two golden ages of the cocktail, the Art Deco Era and the post WWII era. I have amassed a wonderful collection of cocktail sets from the glass manufacturers of Culver, Cera, Anchor Hocking, Federal Glass, and Heisey. I also have collected a widel variety of sets from artists such as Dorothy Thorpe, Fred Press and George Briard. While I do not sell any of my items online, I do post frequently on my instagram @thebartopshop and notifications of my pop up locations will be on instagram and on this website. Thank you for exploring!

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If you have any more questions about our inventory, or are looking for a particular item, please feel free to contact us for more information.